Key Points

1. Most residents aren’t whiners.

2. Wellness is a misunderstood term.

3. There are better ways to conceptualize wellness.

4. Resident burnout is an epidemic.

5. What causes burnout may not be readily apparent

6. Burnout can be organized into four domains – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

7. The system, not residents, is the main driver of burnout. But the system won’t change today – residents can.

8. The is meant for all residents and focuses on practical solutions.

9. Every resident can pick up insight from this book and apply it.

10. This is just the start of the discussion.

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1. Acknowledgment of Drivers

Burnout is more than hours worked. Dive into the recognized and more subtle drivers of burnout to gain clarity. 

2. Redefining Terms

‘Wellness’ misses the mark. Apply concepts of being ‘anti-fragile” and ‘engaged’ to unlock your peak performance.

3. Practical Solutions

Not just my personal ancedotes. Gain insight from evidence, studies, and data. Learn how to change your day – today (like right now).


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Tait Shanafelt

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Broken up into short sections. Engaging content that is easy to ready - Twitter feuds. Text messages. Amazon reviews. Even an email.


The system won't change today. But you can. Find out how.

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Because reading books in residency is really hard. Listening, though, is easier.


Equip yourself. To support medicine has changed, burnout is rampant, and the system is broken. Sourced from > 275 studies.


Control the narrative. Free up mental bandwidth. Exercise your autonomy.


Gain insight into defining wellness and burnout, be less disoriented and more articulate.

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