Is there a better way to get through residency?

Practical Solutions

Supported by Data 

Created by a Resident

That cost little to no money and are built into the day. 

residents, can You realistically do anything about burnout?

There is a better way.

The system is the driver of burnout - not you.

Another mandatory wellness Lecture?!

Is this whole ‘wellness’ thing a lie?

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Solving Resident Burnout Book

1. Book

  • Keep your significant other significant
  • Be more alert, learn faster, and remember more
  • Be less anxious, stressed, fatigued and make fewer errors
  • Find ways to study when there is no time to study
  • Score higher on in-training-exams and pass the boards
  • Build exercise into your day without going to the gym

Key Points

I'm a resident

I work a lot of hours. I’m in the trenches. I enjoy being a physician. I recognize this privilege. 

This is For All Residents

Those looking to level up and those who need tips. 

Every. Single. One. 

Nothing Like this Exists

I’m not one of those ‘wellness gurus’. I’ve been called the ‘anti-wellness’ wellness guy, in fact. These are practical solutions. Written by a resident. Supported by studies. And acknowledgement of the real drivers of burnout

Smashing Myths

‘Resident burnout isn’t that bad.’ ‘Wellness is yoga’. ‘Residents can’t do anything about it.’ ‘Residents are whiners.’ ‘The system must change.’ ‘Medicine hasn’t changed.’ Facts to smash all those. 

You Can Do it

A little insight here + some solutions there = success. 

2. Podcast

  • Get your insight on the go
  • Intimate convos let you know you're not alone
  • Questions you want answered
Solving Resident Burnout Podcast
I help residents
decrease burnout and
increase Fulfillment & engagement
by Offering & Sharing
which are
Practical & Supported by Evidence
in the book & podcast
Solving Resident Burnout Book

3. FAQ

  • Has medicine changed?
  • How bad is resident burnout?
  • How do I do this at my program?
  • Do residents really make less than minimum wage?
  • What do residents say in private?
  • How to study when there is no time?

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  • Can residents realistically do anything about burnout?